Your Child’s First Visit

We are so excited about your child’s first visit and it is

very important to us! The first dental visit is usually short

and involves very little treatment. This visit gives your

child an opportunity to meet the dentist in a

non-threatening and friendly way. During the exam, our

dentist will examine your child’s existing teeth for decay,

examine your child’s bite, and evaluate for

any potential problems. If indicated, our dentist or hygienist will

perform a cleaning. We will also give you tips about oral health care

for your child and discuss dental developmental issues and answer any questions.


Topics we may discuss with you may include:

1. Good oral hygiene practices for your child's teeth, gums and cavity prevention

2. Fluoride treatments

3. Oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking)

4. Teething

5. Nutrition

6. Routine Dental Evaluations


You will be asked to complete medical and health information forms concerning your child's first visit. Please come prepared with the necessary information.


Preparing your child for their first dental visit

In preparation for their first exam, it is usually comfortable to tell your child, “You are going to visit your new dentist. They will count your teeth and brush your teeth with a cool spinning toothbrush. When you are all done they will take pictures of your teeth and will give you a new toothbrush. If you allow the dentist to count your teeth, you will be able get a prize from the “Toy Box.”


If you would like to discuss with your child what will occur at the appointment, be sure to avoid negative or fear provoking words. Please do not use words or phrases such as, “needle, shot, pull”, "don't worry, it won't hurt", or "they won't be using a drill". These ideas may have never entered your child’s mind. Keep it simple and positive. Assure your child that the doctor will be gentle and friendly.